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My Jungle Trekking Trip To FRIM From 2 Years Ago


This picture was captured on the day we were set to go to *drumrolls*…. FRIM!!

FRIM stands for Forest Research Institution Malaysia.Also, a well known forest reserve and recreational spot open to tourist and anyone interested to know more about the natural habitat that grows in Malaysia.

Okay, so I get why it is boring to some people but for us, it was a short memorable trip and we were able to spend more time with friends,while gaining knowledge. 3 benefit in 1 , I’d say.  Continue reading “My Jungle Trekking Trip To FRIM From 2 Years Ago”


Electronical Devices Review: Kärcher Steam Cleaner

Assalamualaikum you all!~ Whatsup?

My mom had watched Astro Go Shop and she got sucked into the whirlpool of shopping spree!(OH NO)

And she asked my dad to buy this thing for her and well, he complied.

If you think that ‘Oh, Go Shop’s concept is unique and cool’, YOU HAVE NOT SEEN A THING YET.

Just try calling their number and just wait and hear…, no wait, don’t wait, just say random stuff after anyone of their staff’s stop talking(or asking anything.)

THEIR PHONE CALL WAS EPIC AND UNEXPECTED. Continue reading “Electronical Devices Review: Kärcher Steam Cleaner”