About Me


Since I made a new blog on WordPress, I should introduce myself.
My name? Just call me Joy. Or Eclaire. Or which ever you find comfortable with.
My age is out of the question. *Glee* I’m terribly sorry. Some of my personal life are off limits to my readers.

Yes, I am a muslim that talks english.(Gotta problem with that? ..JK…)
I come from Malaysia. And I do talk Malay as well, so be prepared if I publish Malay posts in the future.
I’m not new in the blogging world nor am I too old. It’s been 6 months.
My Malay blog was rainbowsleek.blogspot.com , but an issue came about and I don’t know how to solve it..

Therefore the need to make a new blog named KopiMiloAis.blogspot.com . I haven’t been able to post much due to my first term exam . And thankfully, it just ended. But, I flunked my Maths exam…. Oh well, i even have a friend who forgotten to bring in his calculator with him during the exam…in the end he only got 3 %.(Don’t worry , we will try to improve ourselves Insya-Allah)

I’d also love to make friends in the blogging industry , so if you are decent enough, I  am willing to have you as my friend for a better life in blogging(?)


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