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Food Review: Munchy’s Lexus


I wonder how all of you are doing?

I recently made a food review in the evening before the Kelantan vs Singapore Football Match.I also made a video about how jammed the road was as result of Kelantan and Singapore supporters that filled the road.That was epic, and I will have that up after a few tweeking.Update this blog if you want to know when it is up!~

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Electronical Devices Review: Kärcher Steam Cleaner

Assalamualaikum you all!~ Whatsup?

My mom had watched Astro Go Shop and she got sucked into the whirlpool of shopping spree!(OH NO)

And she asked my dad to buy this thing for her and well, he complied.

If you think that ‘Oh, Go Shop’s concept is unique and cool’, YOU HAVE NOT SEEN A THING YET.

Just try calling their number and just wait and hear…, no wait, don’t wait, just say random stuff after anyone of their staff’s stop talking(or asking anything.)

THEIR PHONE CALL WAS EPIC AND UNEXPECTED. Continue reading “Electronical Devices Review: Kärcher Steam Cleaner”



Assalamualaikum and how are you? Reply in the comment box below!~

Okay today, I feel like taking pics of my scarfs, and I uploaded these pics using my WordPress fone app.
First off, naelofa instant scarf! I have yet to wear it, but I saw my friend at tuition wear it and I looks sleek and marvelous!

I bought two naelofa’s, a gravy colored one, and an ocean blue coloured one. the red and purple-blue selendang are bought froma cheap store at Malacca but it really has vibrant colours, just be carefull when you wash it. The pink, Puple and brown onning scarf are also bought at the cheap Malacca store but the colours sre also vibrant and I am experimenting on how to properly take care of onnings so I can share it with you here! Continue reading “Review: MY FIRST SCARF REVIEW!!”


Being Able To Breath Is Great !

Assalamualaikum , how are you, you marvelous people?
I do hope all of you are healthy and doing fine.

Look at my title, what do you think? Well, I think it actually means that only those alive can breath and being alive in general is great.

Everyone had life problems and obstacles in achieving what ever their goals could be. And I know things could get really deep and hard to get through, but always know that God is there and there are also people who would support you whenever you are down and feeling not up to it.

Unlike some kind of people, who choose to ponder on every aspect of life ever so negatively.I am not gonna elaborate on this.

i know it is boring to have to wake up in the early morning everyday.

But try feeling the morning wind hitting your face, taking in the scent of morning kisses, and looking at how brilliant the sun could have possibly looked when it rises.I think that that is the gift of life.That these little pleasures should be something worth working hard for.


Try thinking that we work hard to overcomes life’s obstacles and life gives us these little stuff as reward for our sincerity….

To me it is beautiful.

Comment below: What do you think is the most beautiful thing you live with everyday?

Sincerely awaiting your comments,



Welcome To My Comfy Personal Spot!!

Comfy it is….

Assalamualaikum!~ And how are you? Do comment below and say how your day went. I would REALLY WANT TO KNOW

Anyways, what do you know about me? Are you new here? Hello!~

Okay, If you want to know about me and what I do and plan to do, continue reading if not, you can skip. Your choice,anything is fine. Continue reading “Welcome To My Comfy Personal Spot!!”

Youtube videos

Hello!~ I am on Youtube.

Assalamualaikum, whatsup ya’all?

okay, I have deleted my recent posts on this website, and I want to start anew.

I decided over a month ago that I wanted to become a Youtuber, as a new hobby and excuse to have fun with friends, and also probably take it as a job if it goes well.

No one is perfect especially when trying new things. So, all my videos right now is VERY amateur. That is all I can do with my old compact camera and nervousness and stuttering and not much knowledge and all.

As they say,(whoever ‘they’ are..) even to actually start a new thing is actually good.(Not really an actual saying, but I heard it somewhere…)

I have started off with BubblyChic as my nickname and my channel, because my blogspot account is in that username, but it seems there are too many people using that same name. So I feel like changing it, I don’t feel special with that name as people might say I am copying their ideas(for a nickname).Next, I tried to use my business nickname, Feira Fiqah. To me, the last name sounds not quite right. I tried to think of myself being called Eclaire, not copying from Final Fantasy 12’s Lightning mind you, but because my real name on my I.C. has corresponding meaning with Eclaire(light).

My current (changable) conclusion for my nickname is Feira Eclaire. Do you think it rolls of your tongue?

I know I should just use a more Malaysian name, but I don’t feel comfortable.I AM VERY LUCKY YOU CANNOT CHANGE REAL NAMES SO EASILY. If not, my name would be changed 1000 times already. Also, I want to have my own name that my viewers can recognize and remember me by. Continue reading “Hello!~ I am on Youtube.”