NEW! I will be scheduling a bunch of collaboration posts!


I feel hyped and nervous about this ,cause I still don’t know what type of responce i will get.

How do you collaborate?

This collaboration is actually just a post featuring each other blogger. Example, my collab partner now is A, so A will post a thread featuring me, and I will post a thread featuring A. Basically it’s featuring each other.

Mainly, the thread and it’s contents could be about anything, if A wants an interview of me, or etc. I f I want an interview, or other stuff to do with A, in the post. You can request anything from the other party, as long as the person agrees.

I invite anyone to participate!!~

At the end of the featured post, the link for the featured persons blog should be attached as well.

It’s pure friendliness,so it doesn’t matter what blog you write about.

Wanna know more or wanna participate, please email at bloggergiler(at)