I had a terrible day till…..

We all get stressed. Sources of these stress are either exams, work, or relationships, yada, yada, yada.
Well for me, its the exam and some other minor stuff, but when one source isnt cut off , the minor also becomes the major one.
There was physical signs like not having appetite to eat, my face not so glowy and look unhealthy and also emotional stress where I easily get angry at some thing that wasnt even supposed to bother me in the first place.
They were subtle things we dont easily realise. But when we do, what should we do?
I tried looking for inspiration on google images, either looking for bedroom pics or look at quotes.

This time, they didnt work.

So I kinda waited till I really knew what I needed, or rather, till this prob became big that I cant ignore it anymore.

Today, I drank some blend of milo.  And I felt like watching some youtube videos. I realised I didnt feel calm or relaxed. I felt uneasy about it. All of the sudden, my heart beated rapidly and I cant seem to relax at all! It felt like some panic attack. I have never felt like that for no reason.

So i threw the blend away and layed in my bed. For hours trying to calm down.
Still didnt work.

Coincidently, I was watching a youtuber vlogging about their trip to a resort and they had a spa rendezvous.

Thats it! The bath tub!

So i got the tub ready and soaked  while searching on the phone that i brought in with for relaxing methods.
I chose the breathing method.
Once I felt alright, I got out and kept thinking positively.
Note that negative thinking dampens stress.
Up till now,(I typed this before going to bed), I feel light and relaxed. I can focus properly on things and I only need to keep my diet in shape.

So I hope that if anyone out there has any hard time dealing with any stress, that they could try reading this post or look for other bloggers that face the same problem personally so they can get any ideas on facing this problem.

Do share similar stories in the comment box below.


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