Youtube Account Users That I look Up To


Hey, How are you? I do really hope my lovely readers are fine and are having a good time.I also wanna wish a happy Eid Mubarak to those who celebrates it. The feeling of celebration is still in the air although it was celebrated yesterday.I also made a post on the meaning behind Eid Mubarak here.

Okay now, I shall introduce to you these people who I think in my perspective, have made my time on Youtube more enjoyable and resourcefull,if not just full of giggles for me.

I am so sorry that my Internet is sooo slow that I can’t include their pictures and link.But don’t worry, you can either search on the names, or wait till I’ve attached them once my internet is up and running(its currently crawling).

#5- Kyo (KyoPropaganda)

Okay so this guy is a Malaysian Youtuber. I found him on Youtube earlier this year, but I heard his name flying through me ears before that. where, I don’t quite remember. But After watching his vids, I couldn’t get enough of his cheekiness and smartness in creating them.Honestly, compared to other well-known youtubers, hes ideas are kinda stupid.(wow, don’t hate me)But I could see how he enjoys making them and I enjoy them as well, to the point that I couldn’t get enough of them.

#4-Joe Sugg(ThatcherJoe)

Okay, owner of the channel ¬†Thatcher Joe, he has made me astonished and impressed at how he made videos without much props, and just made puns that everyone gets. He is a British native, and at times, I do not get what he is talking about, but whenever I don’t I could see how he also enjoys making videos.He is also the brother of Zoella at number 2 below.

#3-Alfie Deyes(PointlessBlog)

Okay, why I was attracted to him in the first place, was because of his good looks. Honestly.(No, I dont watch him JUST because of that) And how friendly he is with everyone. And how cute he is with Zoella.(I personally ship them) He fills his channel with lots of stuff like his collection of camera. I absolutely love that.

#2-Zoey (Zoella)

She is now my MUST VIEW channel, she has a beautiful house, she has established a beauty product line, she has things to show every now and then. As a girl, I don’t have to describe her much, just go watch her vids, and you will fall in love immediately.

#1- Ryan Higa(NigaHiga)

Ryan is #1 because he is the ONLY person I’ve watched for a loooong time. He inspires not just me, but lots of other watchers that you can be better through time and effort. He shows that we can’t do much without friends,he made me see that no matter how rich you get after you give effort, you must not forget where you were at the start, and to have fun. In short, I learn much from him, and enjoyed watching his videos after all this time.

In conclusion (haha, too many essays done, got used to it)

So now you have seen a short list of people I admire or so, they have shown me alot. I learned alot,learned things you dont get at school.

So Now I wanna see Your list. Comment below a link to your list post and I’ll read it once i get back, okay? =) Alrighty.




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