What makes people with different understandings fight.

Today I feel quite poetic,so my post today is regarding a serious toned topic.


Sometimes in our life, we need knowledge.
That statement however is wrong.
As humans, we are beings that utilize our brains in the form of knowledge and thoughts.
Other beings however get around not by thoughts but by instinct and using body organs depending on their functions.

As an example, humans and cat can coexist, but they don’t have to be the same level of intelligence.
They understand each other by instinct or by heart, feelings.

My cat can detect if my approach towards him is in a loving nice way or a very naughty one (I joke around with my cats alot) and always looks weary if I approach for the latter.
So if two diffrent beings can coexist, how is it that humans cannot coexist with other humans ?
If you think it is hard, try exchanging a very contrast thought with a friend.
See if you two can still be friends even after voicing your different perspective.
Things in life are generally like that.
Based on what you see, where you stand, your perspective from where you are.
Don’t belive me?

Why do you think a product with powerfull ads become a must have item in their daily lives?
Because the ads shows and gives perspective that the product is important.

What makes people think water is important everyday?
Why drink 8 glasses?
Because they heard from somewhere that it is important.
(I think this example is relevent because some people ignore the body’s need for water due to unhealthy lifestyle)

So if you can change your perspective and be flexible, I am sure various people with various types of views and thought of any matter at all, can coexist and live peacefully with the presence of understanding and tolerence.

So, tell me what problem do you think comes with this variety of different perspective to communities around you?

I really wanna hear what you gotta say,



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