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My Jungle Trekking Trip To FRIM From 2 Years Ago


This picture was captured on the day we were set to go to *drumrolls*…. FRIM!!

FRIM stands for Forest Research Institution Malaysia.Also, a well known forest reserve and recreational spot open to tourist and anyone interested to know more about the natural habitat that grows in Malaysia.

Okay, so I get why it is boring to some people but for us, it was a short memorable trip and we were able to spend more time with friends,while gaining knowledge. 3 benefit in 1 , I’d say. 

024This is the entrance and it took more than an hour from our school to reach here. If I do remember, the bus wasn’t packed, but the amount of people who went were one or two above the amount of seats provided so, some of us had to stand up or sit on a friend.Three teachers had came along and made sure that everything went as smooth as…uh…rainfalls? haha

Anyways,it was luck for me to bring my camera, the exact one I still use today, for videos.

028Before we were able to do anything, we made line(s) and waited for our directioner,only one guy. HAHA , get it? One, Directioner?! hahah….okay, bad pun.

Directioner or our ‘pemandu arah’.also called as our tour guide, but it didn’t felt like a tour… or did it?



The Canopy Walk way at FRIM! It was cool! and frightening, but challenging as well. well, if you don’t understand its probably because you need to go there and experience it yourself.


Some pics of my friends. i actually took a pic of everyone before me, but as you can see its not clear because of the angle where I took them..


Finally we reached place to relax and get loose for a while after a good hour or so of trekking the jungle. I didn’t take pics of that cause I was pumped myself.



And we reached another waterfall at the very end of our journey,we got a great 30 minutes to enjoy this waterfall as well, but we didn’t get to indulge in the earlier one.

It felt great to let go of electronics for a while, and return to nature.

Why don’t you book yourself and your friends a schedule to do the same there? It should be nice, because we had a fun time there too.




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