Electronical Devices Review: Kärcher Steam Cleaner

Assalamualaikum you all!~ Whatsup?

My mom had watched Astro Go Shop and she got sucked into the whirlpool of shopping spree!(OH NO)

And she asked my dad to buy this thing for her and well, he complied.

If you think that ‘Oh, Go Shop’s concept is unique and cool’, YOU HAVE NOT SEEN A THING YET.

Just try calling their number and just wait and hear…, no wait, don’t wait, just say random stuff after anyone of their staff’s stop talking(or asking anything.)


Just, just go and try.

And if you buy, they even save your information and save you the trouble of having to say your details anymore.. just make sure that you repeat EVERYTHING TWICE. I had a random problem of ordering something wrong and SOMEONE had to be cranky.

But honestly, overall, their service is what many customers and even companies , crave for.

If you have updated with this awesome still-in-baby-years blog, you may have seen my Food Review on Munchy’s Lexus,I REALLY though that people didn’t know about it.Oh well, at least its a video about how I felt it tasted like.You can go read it here>>

Now, I have not even recorded this review of Go Shop’s Kärcher Steam Cleaner, but I have enough pictures for you to see what the box includes if you order it.


So this is the box that we got less than a week after ordering it.


I have unwrapped most of the stuff, and in the box you will get:

  • the vacuum cleaner and the stick/ nozel that is separated to fit in the box
  • three type of output at the end of the hose
  • two big towels and some small towels(four or five ,i think)
  • a few assortments of accessories
  • a few stick for cleaning the inside of the steam cleaner

If you just look you might not understand but I will make a video tutorial / review.

But I think if you don’t use it properly and your toilet uses fluorescent lights, your light might die early.(DIE?!!)

…Yeah, mine died early… was just changed a month a go, too…

But, I will find out a way on how to avoid these things from happening. 🙂

After figuring it all out, a video is coming your way, so keep updated here untill then!~




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