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Okay today, I feel like taking pics of my scarfs, and I uploaded these pics using my WordPress fone app.
First off, naelofa instant scarf! I have yet to wear it, but I saw my friend at tuition wear it and I looks sleek and marvelous!

I bought two naelofa’s, a gravy colored one, and an ocean blue coloured one. the red and purple-blue selendang are bought froma cheap store at Malacca but it really has vibrant colours, just be carefull when you wash it. The pink, Puple and brown onning scarf are also bought at the cheap Malacca store but the colours sre also vibrant and I am experimenting on how to properly take care of onnings so I can share it with you here!


This is another instant scarf and I bought it at a different store at Bangi. I just bought it and therefore, I have yet to wear it and take a scarf selfie.


These here are a variety of normal old school wear-on scarves and I loved wearing it. It looks simple and easy to wear, and I can just pin on a hoodie to look stylish. I currently wear the grey one, not in the picture, because it is in my bedroom.

This here is a RM5 worth of anak tudung or scarf child.HAHA JKJK, I dunno what it is called but I will call it simple short scarf inner. If you got these types of inner scarf at higher prices,I also accidently bought this at RM10, then you (we) got tricked. They are short and supposed to be cheaper.

Now, below here is an orange Magic inner, unlike the inner aboce, this one is more expansive than above, maybe RM10? But it is considered worth it because some people like the little pointy-ness at the top of their heads.Sounds confusing? I’ll post something regarding these later.

Okay, this is the plastic bag of the boutique at Bangi, the ones with the inners.You can go and say I recomended you there.You may get a discount.*wink* I am even nice enough to leave the owners number in this picture.
Below are some scarf selfie of me wearing selendangs. Do you want me to do a tutorial?


Want me to make a tutorial vid and post? Comment.

Want me to make the other post I mentioned above? Comment.




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