Welcome To My Comfy Personal Spot!!

Comfy it is….

Assalamualaikum!~ And how are you? Do comment below and say how your day went. I would REALLY WANT TO KNOW

Anyways, what do you know about me? Are you new here? Hello!~

Okay, If you want to know about me and what I do and plan to do, continue reading if not, you can skip. Your choice,anything is fine.

My real name is not Joy Eclaire. I got it after some brainstorming. It is FAR from similar to my name.

I am in my teenage years.But I don’t really want people to right out know it.You might find out if you keep updated here and accompany me. 🙂

I am a girl of course, but gender equality in a way is how we should do things, but guys who volunteer to do something and straight away knows it their job is good too.

I live in Malaysia.I am Malay and I am Islam.

I have started my life as a youtuber, but it comes up quite slow, the videos, because I have a BIG exam coming up.Wish me luck yeah. Pray for me too.  🙂

I am TOTALLY OKAY WITH MAKING FRIENDS ONLINE. I THINK I EVEN CRAVE FOR IT. hahaha . wierd me huh. I am totally open and open minded, just I am afraid of people who wants to gain information about me and do bad stuff. Please be sincere. And I am the kind to think that, there are some limits as to what open minded I can give. it is okay though, if you think that we don’t think alike, and you kinda wanna stop having me as a friend. Just say something to let me know.(This option is not allowed if you are a pervert, a dangerous stalker, weird guys that think of murder or both gender that has weird fetishes that involve me,) But I won’t easily give out information about myself anyways.Just my personality and my hobby.

I also try to be available to go to events and look out for events. so if you need a friend and, if you are a girl, yeah, we can hangout sometime, and you can ask me to join you to that event, my mom might follow, but she cool with it if you cool with it too.

I have two blogger accounts that i left alone for awhile cause,this is quite weird but,I tend to forget that I am actually seriously a blogger.IKR, weird. Who forgets something like that.

I debuted as an official (not as hobby) blogger November last year and debuted as an official Youtuber last month, April.but I still is amateur, support me, help me, if you wanna.i still have lots to learn.

I just acquired the British accent.Not because I am trying to be posh, or show off, but if I talk normally, ITS NOT CLEAR ENOUGH.Trust me. You don’t wanna fear me talk the-not-audible-language, you would just go away from me.*tears*. It’s not cause I wanna, its cause I haveta.

UMMM, what else DO you wanna know about me?Comment below, I will ALWAYS REPLY. Just the time though. I could be late in replying. BUT I WILL. EVEN a one letter comment would do.(OH, I do sound desperate)

What should you expect?

I will write here everyday, but I only post every two days. Because there ARE times where i won’t be connected to the internet, and you will miss me if I am here EVERYDAY.

I plan on posting:

  • Monday: A collaboration post with any Word press or blogspot bloggers.(I am not popular so I dunno if this is actually possible, a non blogger is okay, DO YOU WANNA? Comment below)
  • Tuesday; A random doodle, or some made up puns(boring right?, but i try)
  • Wednesday: Inspirational stuff
  • Thursday :Some hijab tutorials, some reviews and some latest news(of what you ask? just wait and see)
  • Friday : I totally have no Idea here, but i guess I will put a random doa for the week.
  • Sat&Sun: BIOGRAPHY OF AN INSPIRATIONAL PERSONALITY(doesn’t matter if they are someone people don’t consider inspirational)

I can’t do all this.THAT’s why, I don’t know what day to choose, or what exactly to post.I guess I’ll just randomly do it and do whatever I feel like.

Finally, How to contact me?

  • Youtube Channel >  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5RJAEA_Djh57o-27ejU-eQ
  • Twitter > I had some problems and I deactivated, I have to wait for a month to make a new one.
  • Facebook > https://www.facebook.com/pages/Joy-Eclaire/902127449850000?fref=ts  (it is a page because i don’t wanna use a private account, too lazy)
  • Tumblr > Zuliana Zegers or TheRealBubblyChic (cannot provide link,laziness overlapsed)
  • Anymore? comment below…

Do contact me, and comment below, and we shall meet again in the next post!~




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