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Hello!~ I am on Youtube.

Assalamualaikum, whatsup ya’all?

okay, I have deleted my recent posts on this website, and I want to start anew.

I decided over a month ago that I wanted to become a Youtuber, as a new hobby and excuse to have fun with friends, and also probably take it as a job if it goes well.

No one is perfect especially when trying new things. So, all my videos right now is VERY amateur. That is all I can do with my old compact camera and nervousness and stuttering and not much knowledge and all.

As they say,(whoever ‘they’ are..) even to actually start a new thing is actually good.(Not really an actual saying, but I heard it somewhere…)

I have started off with BubblyChic as my nickname and my channel, because my blogspot account is in that username, but it seems there are too many people using that same name. So I feel like changing it, I don’t feel special with that name as people might say I am copying their ideas(for a nickname).Next, I tried to use my business nickname, Feira Fiqah. To me, the last name sounds not quite right. I tried to think of myself being called Eclaire, not copying from Final Fantasy 12’s Lightning mind you, but because my real name on my I.C. has corresponding meaning with Eclaire(light).

My current (changable) conclusion for my nickname is Feira Eclaire. Do you think it rolls of your tongue?

I know I should just use a more Malaysian name, but I don’t feel comfortable.I AM VERY LUCKY YOU CANNOT CHANGE REAL NAMES SO EASILY. If not, my name would be changed 1000 times already. Also, I want to have my own name that my viewers can recognize and remember me by.


Moving on, I made two channels, Bubbly Chic (gonna delete or not gonna use anymore), and Radiating Light.

This is my Youtube Channel
My Bubbly Chic Youtube Channel
This is my Radiating Light Youtube Channel
This is my Radiating Light Youtube Channel

There are some videos on Bubbly Chic Channel, go see how terrible it could be,copy and paste this link

(WP is being very uncooperative with my Links now..)

I am myself, a candidate for SPM, probably the last batch EVER. So, I may or may not vlog or do vids or skits. But I am going to make a hijab/scarf tutorial. IF I don’t keep deleting the vid because I don’t like it. But I shall try my best.

So, the things for you to espect to apear on Radiating Light are:

  • Hijab Tutorials(confirmed)
  • Reviews(confirmed)
  • Recipies(maybe)
  • Vlog(once I buy that awesome new vlog cam)
  • Rants(maybe)
  • Collabs for skits or for fun(after buying new camera)

I will eventually be in videos with my guy friends, but I will be in a safe distance and just do what a muslim’s gotta do. 🙂

Please Comment or Like this Post if you like it, and any critisism you have, just vent it out down here. Follow my Blog to show your support. 🙂




2 thoughts on “Hello!~ I am on Youtube.

  1. How have you enjoyed youtube so far????
    I have blogged regularly for years but only just began youtube. It’s a lot of fun, but so different. I’ll have to give your channel a gander

    1. Hello!!! Hi, so sorry for the late reply. What’s your blog and channel name? I would love to have it a look. My activities on YouTube is quite restricted now because I have no time to just sit and edit it for hours. Although I already recorded some. And at certain times I have no available friends to do it with. (let’s do it together? 😉
      I guess it takes time and great passion. Okay er , what’s a gander??

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